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We are a unique 3 function company that can handle everything for your home!

Construction & Remodeling

Kirkwood Home & landscape is here for you! Dreaming about a new kitchen or bathroom? Ready for more family space inside or out? Not sure where to start? We can help! Our clients turn to us for inspiration and trust our experience to bring their vision to life. 

Kirkwood Home

At Kirkwood Home & Landscape we do things right the first time and provide a high level of finish. The client experience is just as important as the finished product and we strive to make your project a pleasant experience. Here are a few examples of our most requested work.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens have always been the heart of every home but today, they’re more important than ever. You want a space that encourages family and friends to gather and at the same time, be so well-planned that it makes meal prep a delightful experience.

Kirkwood Home Kitchen Island Remodel

Room Additions

Many of our clients want to make additions to their current home. Whether you want to add up, Out or both, we can help. You can even add an entire second floor to your existing home. If you love your current home but want more of it, Kirkwood Home can design and build it for you.
Kirkwood Addition and Whole House Remodel After Exterior
Kirkwood Home Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms have many personalities. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. We build bathrooms that are functional and beautiful. Let us show you some ideas.

Exterior Features

You love your current home but need to make some changes so that it better suites your needs. If you desire a free-standing garage or front porch, A new deck, Pergola, or new fence we can help you design and build the new feature. We will bring your vision to a reality!
Kirkwood Home Remodel

Whole House Renovations & Repairs

We can re-imagine your entire home or a few rooms. We can take down walls and recreate a whole new space for you. We are experts at renovating entire homes and specialize in historic renovation and preservation.

Basement Remodel

We can transform basement space into something useful and fabulous that will drastically expand your current living area and add to the value of your home. By the time we’re finished, you’ll have trouble remembering just how unappealing that basement was before the transformation!
Kirkwood Home construction-basement remodel


Kirkwood Home & Landscape specializes in curb appeal! Extend your living space outdoors with beautiful and functional additions to your grounds with the help of our skilled Landscape/Hardscape Team. Patios, Walks, Retaining Walls, Out Door Kitchens, Rain Gardens, Dry Creek beds, Water control, Storm Water management. We do it all!

Kirkwood Landscape

Kirkwood Home and Landscape In collaboration with our garden design team can build anything that you can imagine on your property. We can address those trouble spots, too, transforming them from eyesore to a stunning backdrop for something beautiful. What can we build for you? Tiered retaining walls, outdoor kitchens or living spaces, patios of all shapes and sizes, French drain water control systems, dry wells, perhaps a secret garden, the list goes on and on.

Rain Gardens

Our combination of landscape and drainage know-how with our expert garden design team can create this feature that is functional, beautiful and eco-friendly! Did you know that a rain garden is far more efficient at handling storm water than a drywell? When you are looking for a solution to stormwater runoff, let us introduce you to rain gardens!

Kirkwood Home Gardening
Kirkwood Home Julies Garden Design

Patios & Walkways

First impressions are everything and they begin at the curb. Kirkwood Home and Landscape will design and create a beautiful path to your front door – one that you will be proud of and that welcomes your guests in style. Your patio is the centerpiece of your outdoor oasis, so it needs to be functional and visually inviting. If your patio or concrete walkway is chipped, cracked or has simply seen better days, we can help!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an important feature in many home and commercial Hardscapes. Is your old Rail-Road tie wall finally rotting away? Reach out to us for the latest in stone and wall design!

Retaining Walls & Fences-06

Storm Water Management

We have been addressing St. Louis stormwater drainage issues for our clients for many years. Water flows downhill, and often underground in subterranean streams and springs. We are blessed to live in such a gorgeous and historic community and water is just a fact of life here. Over the years, we have developed a number of ways to improve drainage – and do it in a way that protects your investment.

Many municipalities have added new guidelines to manage water run-off for new construction and room additions. The spirit of the new rules seeks to prevent excess water to be dumped on innocent neighbors. We can help develop and install approved solutions often via dry wells and rain gardens.

Whole Yard Rehab khlgland

Julie’s Garden Design

Your personality isn’t confined to the walls of your home; it continues to your home’s grounds, too. Julie’s Garden Design specializes in creating garden spaces that are both visually stunning and inviting.

Julie’s Garden Design

The cherry on top of any outdoor home project is the beautiful flora that draws the eye in and creates a space that you can enjoy alongside nature. Our talented gardeners will create four seasons of interest in your gardens so there is never a dull moment. We will also help you maintain your gardens so they are ever flourishing.

Container Gardens

Good things do come in small packages. Julie’s Garden Design can provide you with beautiful container gardens that provide year-round visual appeal. We’d love to show you some ideas.

Kirkwood Home Gardening
Kirkwood Home Gardening

Garden Design

We can take a blank space or a tired established garden and breathe new life into your outdoor world. We incorporate Missouri natives and other tried and true ornamental plants to create a garden you can be proud of.

Garden Makeovers

View some of our biggest transformations here! Remember….the first year plants sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap!
Kirkwood Home Gardening
Kirkwood Home Landscape and Julies Garden Design